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Kathy Hill: Owner of The Reclaimed Life

Kathy Hill

Certified Life and Health Coach – BHC, HCI

I specialize in working with obese people and those who are considering or had gastric bypass surgery, who are feeling helpless, lost, and overwhelmed. I help them understand and implement life plan modifications so they can feel hopeful, empowered, and healthy.

In my personal life, I have advocated for my own health issues, to include chronic obesity, Metabolic Syndrome, dyslipidemia, hypertension, Type II Diabetes, and gastric bypass surgery. I have experienced breast cancer and several orthopedic concerns. I understand how frustrating it is to be told, “Exercise more and eat less. You just need to lose weight.” I can assist you in figuring out what you don’t know but need, and where to find it. You won’t have to do this alone.

I am a daughter, sister, friend, wife, aunt, mother, grandmother, and life-long learner. My greatest joys are my family and my faith. I find incredible fulfillment in helping people find solutions, make small but significant and lasting habit changes, and seeing them realize healthier, empowered, and more hopeful lives.



Before coaching with Kathy I was a recent grieving widow paralyzed with anxiety about ever being able to have a normal life again. Kathy showed me how I could adjust my thinking and behaviors to handle more than I thought I could. The coaching process helped me to identify specific action steps I could take to regain some control and have hope for the future. These steps are helping me navigate new responsibilities and an unexpected new life. I feel that Kathy cares about her clients and how they progress.


Before this coaching journey, I was barely aware enough of my situation to discern areas needing improvement. At the outset, Kathy helped me improve mindfulness, raising my awareness of challenges I was facing. What I needed was someone to help me get curious about my situation and see a different way forward. Kathy provided timely tools and always offered words of encouragement. Kathy immediately got me in touch with my spiritual needs, my TRUE hunger and nutritional deficits, and my real desires for my own future. I feel a calmness I haven’t known in a long time.


Sometimes in life we need to pause and reflect. For years I've taken two steps forward and then one or two steps back on a next chapter in my life. Kathy asked me some great questions and then listened well, so that there were many moments in our sessions that she could help shine a light on what might have been holding me back. I've got a clearer pathway to better work/life balance for the coming months, plus I'm applying some definitive things I've learned about how to take better care of myself. I really enjoyed our sessions. Thanks, Kathy!


I so enjoyed my 12 week coaching sessions with Kathy. I gained some great time management skills, organizational ideas, and have met my weight loss goals. Kathy is personable, professional, and prepared. I recommend her for a great life coach.